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Handheld Scanners

A barcode scanner is a device which allows you to scan the printed barcodes. Handheld scanners fit comfortably in your palm and need to be pointed at the barcodes to scan them. A laser barcode scanner is similar to a pen-type reader but it uses the laser as the light source to scan the barcodes. Here a reciprocating mirror or a rotating prism is employed in order to scan the laser beam moving forwards and backward across the barcode.

How Does a Handheld Scanner Work?

A laser scanner works almost similar to a pen-type barcode scanner. Here the differentiating factor is the laser as a light source. The handheld laser scanner produces a laser spot on the barcode which is to be scanned. Hold the laser scanner and move it across the barcode to read entire code. The laser scanner is equipped with a photodiode which receives the reflected light from the barcode. Further, this photodiode converts the optical signals into electrical signals which are then decoded after processing through a software.

Advantages of Handheld Scanners

The barcode readers prove extremely beneficial for the businesses to keep track of movements of their supplies, organize their inventories, and speed up the process. Handheld laser scanners in-turn have some added advantages:

1) Range – Laser scanners have a wider range, unlike other scanners. These scanners can read a barcode placed at a distance and are preferred for long range scanning purposes.

2) Large Reading Capacity – A laser barcode scanner can easily read barcodes over the longer span. Other scanners read up to 3-4 inches length barcodes. This allows you to cover a wider and longer barcode in a single scan.

3) Reads from Uneven Surfaces – As a laser scanner uses the laser as a light source this makes it easier to collect the data as light can bend on any shape. Therefore, even if the surface is crumbled or uneven the barcode can be comfortably scanned.

A handheld barcode scanner features ease of use due to the absence of wires or cords. It fits perfectly into your palm and has a great grip. This in-turn allows easy movability across the warehouse and products stacked on higher shelves can also be easily scanned. Just point the scanner on the product’s barcode and pull the trigger to get the information. Even an untrained employee can use this scanner like a trained one.

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