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Direct Thermal printing has become number one choice of businesses. Due to their cost-effectiveness, reliability, and fast performance direct thermal printing has been in demand from past couple of years. These printers are known for their rapid printing abilities that save a lot of time of the customers who otherwise have to wait in the queue. Also, the receipts, coupons, or tickets that are printed using direct thermal printers are of high quality.

All kinds of businesses have equipped themselves with direct thermal printer. This includes businesses like retail stores, restaurants, banks, grocery stores, ATMs, restaurants, standalone kiosks, and many more.


How does it Work?

Unlike other printers, a direct thermal printer does not use ink. Instead, it uses heat to create impression on a special paper to print. This paper is called specially coated thermal paper. The printer does not use ink, toner, or ribbon for printing. What happens instead is the thermal print head is heated and when it comes in contact with the chemically treated, heat-sensitive thermal paper, it blackens. Thus, creating print on the paper.

This is extremely beneficial for the business in numerous ways. No ink or ribbons cuts down the huge costs of buying cartridges. Also, constantly changing the cartridge would consume a lot of time of the employees. When there’s no cartridge there’s no need to change it and it saves precious time which can be then used to process checkouts. Direct Thermal Printers print clean, crisp, and long lasting prints. The maintenance cost is low and they will help your business run faster and smoother.


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