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Mounting Solutions


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Have you observed a rise in your business after investing in best POS technology? If not, then there is something you need to check. Installing new equipments is not the only solution but installing them in a correct manner is what will decide the output of your business. POS mounting solutions provide some attractive benefits for your computers at the counter and various devices.

What are Mounting Devices?
Mounting solutions consist of equipments which help you to elevate the monitors above the counters or attaching them to a wall. A POS mount lets you place your devices exactly where you need them and use them as per your convenience. The mounting devices are ideal in retail stores, restaurants, and at the checkout counters. Different types of mounts include tablet mounts, terminal mounts, mobile mounts, etc. Using mounts is recommended if your business place has expensive monitors.

Benefits of POS Mounting Solutions
Some of the most important benefits of POS mounts are as follows;

1) Adjustable Monitor Height
The employee at the checkout counter has to continuously stare at computer display to get the bills done. In such cases, the employee might face neck and back strain if the display does not match his height. A POS terminal mount allows you to adjust the height of the computer as per your requirement. Remember, a healthy staff member will always give more output.

2) Easy Management of Cables
The checkout counter needs to look spacious and not crawling with wires. The mounting device lets you manage the computer and other devices cables with a cable management system. Reduce wear and tear of the cables and accidental disconnects due to stretching.

3) Create more Space
Elevating the monitor above the counter frees up a lot of space which you can use for several purposes. You can sell additional items like quick buy candies and toffies, and keep your customers updated with the help of store brouchers.

4) Avoid Screen Glare
The POS pole mount has additional tilting capability which allows the employee to adjust the screen angle to avoid screen glare. Adjust the screen according to your eyes comfort in any angle.

5) Prevents Unwanted accidents
A mounted computer is definitely more secure than a traditional counter-placed computer. Using a mounting solution can save your devices from unwanted accidents that can damage the system. Keep your data and system safe using the mounting solution.

Are you looking out for a POS mounting solution for your company? Get the best devices with latest and high-tech configuration only with us.

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