Wearable Barcode Scanners

Wearable Barcode Scanners


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Wearable Scanners

OnlyPOS believes in delivering top-quality products to its customers. Therefore, we are constantly striving to identify and bring into market the new technologies that will help our clients’ business to increase its efficiency. One such next generation technology we are proud to bring to our customers is the wearable barcode scanner technology.

What are Wearable Scanners?

Wearable scanners can be worn on the back of the hand or, like a ring, on the finger. These scanners are also known as back-of-hand scanners. The scanner is worn on a finger and the screen is worn around an employee’s wrist. Using this type of scanner boosts the workflow pace and increases the efficiency in almost every situation. From warehouse to retail stores wearable scanners are making life easier for the ground staff all over the world.

How does a Wearable Scanner work?

The main aim behind designing a wearable scanner is to provide a hands-free working environment for the employees. When the warehouse staff doesn’t have to keep holding a barcode scanner they can focus on the task at hand and can get it done more efficiently.

A wearable scanner is worn on hip, wrist, or finger and provides freedom to the worker to move around freely. The warehouse staff can finish more work in lesser time. For example, if boxes need to be moved a worker can scan the box and then move it as his hands aren’t occupied by a scanner.

A wearable scanner is connected to a mobile computer with the help of a small cable or, in some devices, it is connected via Bluetooth technology. They are extremely lightweight and makes mobility smooth.

Benefits of Using a Wearable Scanner

Warehouse businesses are now readily shifting towards more productive and efficient wearable scanning technology. The reasons are simple;

Readability Performance:

With time technology has improved and fixed all the shortcomings in the devices. Throughout the years wearable devices have gotten better with an improved design, better scanning performance, ability to read poorly printed or damaged barcodes, and increased decoding speed. Bluetooth supported scanners connect faster and send data quickly to the devices. Headset wearable scanners have enhanced voice recognition software which reduces 50% of noise.

Faster Work Pace:

Working with handheld scanners a worker has to pick up or keep down the scanner multiple times in a day which wastes a lot of time. But a wearable scanner is always on a worker’s hand and also allows him to pick up boxes without letting go the scanner. This not only saves time but also increases the speed of work.

Higher Accuracy:

Malfunctioning of machines are common in warehouses and can cause errors. A hands-free data capturing system reduces errors by almost 39% and allows your workers to focus on the task rather than getting distracted due to errors.

Voice Instructions Enabled:

A wearable hands-free scanner and the mobile computer has a feature that allows your workers to give voice instructions, choose the locations on a screen, use the touchscreen to enter information, etc. They are beneficial where voice technology is used.

A wearable scanner is a multi-modal solution which scans the barcodes faster and allows to do it so without any moving restrictions. They are light-weight and help to increase the overall productivity of your business. Order top-quality wearable scanners from OnlyPOS today.

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