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Cash Drawers


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Cash Drawers can be electronic or mechanical depending on the application and are often used as part of a cash register system as they are usually electronic and connected to your receipt printer and for cash transactions, once the receipt is printed it automatically opens for the cashier to put the money in the cash drawer and to return the change to the customer. Excellently suited for food trucks and market stalls, and all retailers. Manual cash drawers can be opened by pressing a button on the front of the printing surface of the drawer, reducing the need for additional hardware or software to operate the drawer.

A cash drawer should be of strong construction as it is an integral part of the POS system rather than being a separate piece of the cash register sitting above it.

For small businesses looking for an affordable option, a medium-sized drawer could be a good choice. With plenty of space for currency packages, coin rolls, adjustable media slots, partitions, and other configuration options, we provide businesses with Powerful and compact, cash drawers to improve the efficiency of workplaces and with all, they need to process fast and secure transactions.

With an intelligent cash drawer and the ability to highlight discrepancies in the drawer itself, smart cash drawers eliminate losses and give you a complete overview of all your cash.

We supply many quality brands such as VPOs, Posiflex, Nexa, Goodson, Star, Micros, SAM4S, Toshiba, Posbox, Casio, and HP. All these brands are easy to maintain in Australia and have spare parts available.

If you are looking for a compatible cash drawer that you can use with your POS system, consult our sales team and we will help you out to choose the right cash drawer for your business. If you have any questions about our range of other items you need that you cannot find on our website, please contact our team by phone or e-mail.

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