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Presentation / Counter Barcode Scanners

The usage of barcodes has increased as people have started paying through their smartphones and loyalty cards. The popularity of using barcode scanners has spread to a maximum extent of the data capture industry. Barcodes have paved the way for an easy, quick, and effective transaction and data entry operations and, therefore, are becoming the first choice for any business.

A 2D barcode scanner can read 1D barcodes, 2D barcodes, and even postal barcodes. Therefore, it is in high demand as this scanner offers much more services than a normal 1D scanner. A presentation scanner is a 2D image scanner which sits on the counter and is fixed to it.

How Does a Presentation Barcode Scanner Work?

A presentation scanner is placed on top of the counter and barcodes are scanned just by flashing in front of the scanner. These are also known as On-counter scanners as they are placed on the counter. The presentation barcode scanners are specifically designed for scanning wide-area barcodes and for stationary business. These scanners are also used at the check-out counter at malls and shopping centers.

A desktop scanner is fixed beside the computer on a desk. Like a handheld barcode scanner, you don’t have to aim the scanner at a barcode, you just have to hold the barcode in front of the scanner and it will scan it. Various retail stores have also installed presentation scanners. The most prominent and huge advantage of a presentation barcode scanner is that it can read multiple barcodes in quick succession.

An InCounter scanner is similar to a presentation scanner and is placed stationary on the top of the counter. This is generally placed at the check-out station where customers can scan their products quickly.

Advantages of Using Presentation Barcode Scanner

1) Allows Smoother Internal Functions

A business has to have a system to check the internal working, keeping track of assets, and whether rules are being followed. Bar codes save hundreds and thousands of man-hours which can be spent on other productive works.

2) Fall in Error Rate

The introduction of barcode scanners has almost eradicated clerical errors. A small error in data entry can cause a huge trouble in business. This reduces the risk of paying extra money due to a clerical error and also prevents from spending hours to figure out where the fault occurred.

Barcode system has revolutionized the way businesses work. Allowing fast and quick services for the employees as well as the customers. Your business is just a step away from becoming even more productive than before. Get a presentation barcode scanner today!

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