Mid Range ECR

Mid Range ECR


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Mid-Range ECR is a middle ranged electronic cash register designed to serve small retailers who have a more limited need for business transactions but also want the best of what the market has to offer in terms of management and automation tools. It can perform all the tasks a large-sized cash register can, but its simplified interface makes it perfect for anyone, not computer literate or who doesn’t have much patience for technology.

The use of an ECR system in retail stores provides many benefits. One of the benefits Mid-Range ECRs is that it reduces manual work, and it helps eliminate human error, which can occur while cashiers are adding items to the bills. ECR systems also offer other types of convenience for both customers and employees. Checkout lines are shorter because cashiers spend less time processing payments which help in increasing productivity.

We feature mid-range cash register Sam4s ranging in price from $600 to $900. If you have any questions about our featured mid-range cash registers, please call us at 1300 183 340 or email us at sales@onlypos.com.au

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